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With the whole production chain onsite, the Tezza winery is unique in its authenticity and transparency. The whole winemaking process takes place on our own property and nothing is sourced externally, so that we can always guarantee the quality of our wines. The decision to adopt a short, traceable chain and high winemaking standards which choose the quality that comes from careful controls over the quantity that comes from mass production is the Tezza family’s distinguishing feature. Today it’s the third generation who run the winery: the cousins Vanio, Flavio and Federico.

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Located in Poiano, just to the north-east of the city of Verona, the Tezza winery is a veritable winemaking hub, where the whole production chain takes place: from nurturing and harvesting the base materials in the vineyards (situated just a few hundred metres away) to the winemaking process, from drying the grapes to bottling the finished wine. The original winery building, dating from the 60s, was renovated in 1998. Since then, the Tezza family has made it a mission to always look for new techniques, instruments and structures to ensure consistently high-quality production.

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The long valley joining the hills of Lessinia to the distinctive pink marble quarries of Verona is lined with olive trees, cypresses and rows of grapevines. The twin valley to the Valpolicella, Valpantena runs along a very similar track: it also nestles in the hollow between the Alpine peaks and the deep waters of Lake Garda and enjoys a temperate microclimate as well as lime-rich soil perfect for growing wine grapes. Valpantena is considered the only cru of the Valpolicella denomination. The valley has been inhabited since prehistoric times and, according to the historian Caliari, takes its name (meaning Valley of the Gods) from the underground Roman temple in Santa Maria in Stella - direct testimony of the presence of Roman civilization here. In this valley, wine is produced today just as yesterday.

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Two yellowed documents, over 50 years old but still important; actually, vital ...

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