This is an important milestone for a winery like ours, which underwent a major renovation in 1998 and began modernizing by substituting the old vine-training systems in the vineyards with newer trellises and Guyot training methods in order to improve the quality of the grapes.
Yet these certainly aren’t the only changes we’ve made.
These twenty years of research and hard work can be seen also and above all in the development of our wines, which over the years have evolved to produce more complex and elegant bouquets.
To mark our twentieth anniversary, we decided to create a special label in honour of the growth of our Amarone. This is in a certain sense a finish line for the work begun in 1998, but we hope our march will go on for some time.
The special label 2011 Amarone is a rather different creature from its "forefather". This difference is certainly not limited to the different graphics on the label, but is also reflected in the characteristics of the wine itself. The quality of the grapes has improved, thanks to our new training systems and use of organic farming methods in compliance with the strict COR-NOP standards - an immense source of pride for us. Our use of only Corvina and Rondinella grapes gives the wine greater structure and complexity, while the smaller quantity of grapes per trunk creates optimum ripening conditions for each bunch.
The result is a highly sophisticated wine; the tannins are more balanced and have less vegetable notes, while the bouquet is an explosion of delicious red and black berries. It comes in equally elegant packaging complete with a wax seal, worthy casing for such a special bottle.
As for the label, we couldn’t fail to pay homage to our greatest source of wealth: the Valpantena valley. The label features an old land-survey drawing from the national archives depicting Monte delle Fontane in the municipality of Poiano.
This is the same hill we are lucky enough to admire from our winery. It daily reminds us of the abundance which surrounds us and makes our wines what they are.


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